About us

c3news.show is born out of the c3 herald team that started to produce audiovisual shows about news regarding the very first remote chaos communication congress; rc3 in December 2020.

The team contains some heralds as well as a couple of ultra gifted creatures to fulfill our enormous objective to produce news shows that illustrate the world of hackers and makers. Our ambition is to inform our community about the way we explore, learn and share our love for computers and the beauty they have to offer to the world (and beyond).

We try to cover various topics in our c3news.show; from a cyber weather forecast to some kitchen hacks… From event news to things like ‚chaos-gems‘. One of our most fascinating topics is about hacker and maker spaces. Via interviews and guided tours, we try to give our community an insight in other spaces; about their origin, the people, projects, failures, tools, and the way we all deal with the pandemic and ourselves.

Explore. Learn. Share.


How it all started.
And what it became…

Well.. During rc3; in December 2020, we —the herald team of the c3 and some very willingly helpful creatures came up with the ultra-wild plan to make 6 news.shows per day (OMG!). These so-called ‘news.shows‘ covered all kinds of information about the congress in all its mysterious corners and various worlds. Wow.. We made it! (https://www.youtube.com/c3newsshow)

Afterwards —when finally being back on our feed again (…)— we decided to continue this adventure: We aimed for the production of 1 c3news.show per month. But yeah.. These pandemic times require(d) mega-magical efforts, so we just brought/bring you the news as it happens. When the stars align and we get all the work done. This is our generous and bumpy way to help keeping our hacker & maker community on the move… 

To boldly go where no creature has gone before.


web: c3news.show
twitter: w@c3newsshow